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Daniel Donhauser

What my clients say

Yannik Sturm

A good feeling when founding

With questions and ignorance also comes a lot of uncertainty. Especially in the beginning. The VC gave me the basics and security I was looking for when starting up.

Yannik Sturm

First Founder from Cologne

Sigune Suttner

Excellent lawyer and entrepreneur

“What counts in the venture world is speed. As an excellent lawyer, Daniel deeply understands the needs of start-ups and investors. Efficiently and effectively, he is finding new ways and solutions”.

Sigune Suttner

CEO StraightWalk

Anastasia Barner

All prejudices about lawyers have been eliminated

"I can recommend a cooperation with Daniel to every (young) founder, as the advice is in the best interest of the start-up and leads to the best results. Thank you very much for the great conversations."

Anastasia Barner

CEO Fementor

Maximilian Block

Mr. Donhauser convinces with strategy & design

"Daniel Donhauser's expertise and bird's eye view preparation always made me feel well prepared in negotiations. He understands how to implement the needs of founders."

Maximilian Block

Founder Advocado

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fritz

Ich wünschte wir hätten Herrn Donhauser früher gekannt.

Wir hätten strukturellen Schwächen der Firma gezielt aus dem Weg gehen können. Vielen Dank für die substanzielle Unterstützung auch in schwierigen Zeiten.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fritz

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Maximilian Block

Donhauser Law überzeugt mit Strategie & Gestaltung

„Durch Daniel Donhauser’s Expertise und die Vorbereitung aus der Vogelperspektive fühlte ich mich in Verhandlungen stets gut vorbereitet. Er versteht es, unsere Bedürfnisse umzusetzen.“

Maximilian Block

CEO ESB Invest Vorpommern GmbH

Anastasia Barner

Sämtliche Vorurteile über Anwälte wurden beseitigt

"Ich kann eine Zusammenarbeit mit Daniel jedem (jungen) Gründer ans Herz legen, da die Beratung im Sinne des Start-ups ist und zu den besten Ergebnissen führt. Vielen Dank für die tollen Gespräche."

Anastasia Barner

CEO Fementor

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fritz

Ich wünschte wir hätten Herrn Donhauser früher gekannt.

Wir hätten strukturellen Schwächen der Firma gezielt aus dem Weg gehen können. Vielen Dank für die substanzielle Unterstützung auch in schwierigen Zeiten.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fritz

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

1. Together we build your venture

As a founder, you need an advisor who is knowledgeable about all aspects of your venture and who can and may solve problems.

Legal advice

Ongoing legal advice from an external lawyer who, like in-house counsel, is in regular contact with you.

Strategy & Design

Strategic advice from a legal and business perspective with a focus on growth and optimization, especially in growth, financing and expansion.

Flawless growth

The best time to avoid future wrong decisions is always today. That's why our consulting starts as early as possible. Start today with a free consultation and convince yourself of our innovative approach.

2. Together we further expand your venture

Lawyers act "matter-specifically", management consultants are not allowed to give legal advice, tax consultants do not design and in-house counsel are too expensive.

Legal Counsel as a Service. As a founder, you need an advisor who is familiar with all aspects of your venture and who can also solve legal problems.

Receive support especially in commercial & corporate law, venture capital, contract law & employment law, tax law data protection & intellectual property.

Forward-thinking strategic consulting to help achieve long-term flawless growth and increase value while reducing the cost of legal resources through outsourcing.

Our expertise from consulting and building companies allows us to provide hands-on legal, entrepreneurial and design support.

Our network of top-level law firms, Big 4 consultants, investors, marketing experts and entrepreneurs can assist with appropriate tasks at any time.

Start now

with an initial consultation and assessment and experience how legally strategic advice can be helpful at every stage.

1. Perform test phase

2. Receive offer

3. Fall back on own Legal Councel

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Daniel Donhauser

Daniel Donhauser is a lawyer for corporate law and a specialist in corporate finance. As a lawyer for investors and start-ups, he knows both sides:
1. how investors think and what they look for in financing.
2. what needs start-ups have, what mistakes are made and what issues are often given little attention.

As a lecturer, he regularly provides founders with legal and financial know-how, as well as the appropriate strategy, so that they can grow safely and flawlessly and achieve a higher valuation. As legal counsel, Daniel Donhauser advises on the establishment and growth of their companies. A special focus is on strategic advice for financing rounds, employee participation and growth. In the Venture Classroom, he teaches all legal and business issues related to setting up and growing companies in a rapidly growing environment with a venture case in mind.

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Everything you need for your venture from a single source

5 Steps to your business

1. Setup

We develop the legally & fiscally appropriate setup. This varies depending on the business model, team and strategy.

2. Strategy

Afterwards we look at your "next steps" strategically and advise with a view to the future in order to expand plans on the basis of decision-making aids.

3. Company Building

We assist in setting the course for the appropriate investor search and build a VC case together.

4. legal Advice

In all matters relevant to start-ups, we will provide you with legal advice and negotiate and draw up contracts.

5. Network & Investments

As a sparring partner, we discuss your decisions and implement your "next steps" with the help of our network of advisors, lawyers and investors.

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Lawyer, legal counsel and strategy consultant in one. Receive support in all legal matters of the current business, as well as strategy and optimization for value enhancement of your company.

Decide how you place your focus

Classic remuneration and start-up discounts

Hourly quota
  • On average 17% cheaper than other legal advisors at the same level.
  • 30% cheaper overall than other law firms with the same level of expertise.
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Monthly retainer and flat rates

  • Liability like outside counsel, insights like in-house counsel, strategic like management consultants
  • 20 - 30 % cheaper than other law firms on the same level
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Remuneration in shares

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You are still at the very beginning of building your business and have basic legal and tax questions and want to save liquidity?

Get basic knowledge and answers in founder mentoring

Learn in the founder mentoring everything you should know and consider about
about founding, financing, growth and exits of your company.

Whether you are a sole proprietor, founder, startup or scaleup, each phase has its own chapter in the Venture Classroom, with many individual videos.

  • Choice of legal form
  • Tax Optimization & Holding
  • Company formation & hedging
  • Vesting & employee participation
  • and much more
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Ready for collaboration?

Legal advice from Donhauser Law

  • excellent legal assessment
  • Strategy & Design
  • individual support
  • economic expertise
  • modern, digital & effective
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Founder Mentoring

  • individual support
  • up to 90 % cost savings
  • Online course
  • live calls
  • deductible and eligible
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Legal Counsel as a Service

  • external General Counsel
  • 30 % cost saving
  • Legal advice with vision
  • Flexible compensation models
  • designed for capital appreciation
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