C-Level Advice

As a boutique firm in business law, we advise C-Level on issues related to shareholding, bonuses, liability, obligations, labor law, termination and severance....

C-Level Advice

Our focus is on optimization and design

In the area of our C-level advice, we advise managing directors, management board and supervisory board members, as well as COO, CTO, CIO and CSO and other senior executives. Our focus and advice at the intersection of employment law, tax law and corporate law enables us to optimally represent our clients' interests in this area in particular. In particular, you will benefit from our interdisciplinary service of our practice areas through our expertise in VC, PE, corporate law and employment law. This enables us to provide you with optimal advice and representation both in your function as a corporate body and as a private individual, in each case when you join, leave or during your employment.

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Through our interdisciplinary approach, which each advisor possesses, we strategically negotiate your deal and efficiently execute the structure.
With many years of experience, you can trust our deep expertise and proven capabilities. We have an impressive track record and pride ourselves on delivering world-class results for our clients.

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