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Founder Mentoring

In our coaching you will learn everything you need to know to build your startup.

Legal Counsel as a Service

Get assistance from an experienced attorney on your side, like outside counsel.

Startup consulting

As an attorney for startups, Daniel Donhauser and his team advise on founding, financing, growth and exit with a focus on value enhancement.

Startups &
Emerging Growth

Our focus is on value enhancement!

The challenges faced by emerging, young companies require attorneys who can partner with and understand the legal and business needs of innovative startups with high growth potential - whether in terms of set-up, structuring, financing, expansion or exit.

With our expertise from advising on company sales and investments, we help founders to set up and prepare everything for financing or exit right from the start.

Free initial consultation

Startup Education

We offer a range of options for founders and startups to achieve the best possible result at every stage. In addition to traditional legal and tax advice, we also offer training, coaching and a community to ideally support and promote the SMEs of tomorrow.

Start-Up Consulting


Free initial consultation for founders

Good ideas deserve support. And free of charge. Especially at the beginning, it is important to set the right course and structure your project.

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10 mistakes when founding

The establishment of your corporation usually has the background of protecting you from harm


Higher company valuation and secure growth

Founders need an experienced advisor on financing issues at their side to find the best option based on practical experience:

- Shareholder loans

- Convertible loans and bridge financing

- Capital increases

- Venture Dept

- etc.

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How does startup funding work?

The umbrella term for the market in which startups with external financing needs move to exit model is "emerging growth."

Employee participation

Motivated employees, are the heart of your success

Employee participation is relevant under corporate law, tax law and labor law and must always be individually adapted.

- Employe Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

- Virtual Stock Ownership Plan (VSOP)

- Employee stock options

- Mixed forms (silent partnership & profit participation rights)

- Employee bonuses (profit share)

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Employee participation - what you need to know!

What is the difference between "ESOP", "VSOP" and the "real" company participation? I'll explain all the relevant points.


Tax optimization and hedging

Get advice and support for your holding structure.

You want to bring shares into a holding company afterwards?

We check your possibilities:

- holding company before foundation

- holding company after foundation

- legal form & structuring

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Why you should start with a holding company

Allowed tax saving model Holding! Here you can find out everything about the possibility of founding a holding company.

Contracts and GTC

An individual business case needs individual contracts. We support you with:

- Foundation contracts

- Shareholder agreements

- Employment contracts

- Customer & service contracts

- General terms and conditions (GTC)

- Other commercial contracts

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Secure foundation with individual articles of association

Learn how to incorporate safely, what bylaws are, and the most important reason for individual bylaws.



is a lawyer for corporate law and a specialist in corporate finance. As a lawyer for investors and start-ups, he knows both sides:
1. how investors think and what they look for in financing.
2. what needs start-ups have, what mistakes are made and what issues are often given little attention.

As a lecturer, he regularly provides founders with legal and financial know-how, as well as the appropriate strategy, so that they can grow safely and flawlessly and achieve a higher valuation. As legal counsel, Daniel Donhauser advises on the establishment and growth of their companies. A special focus is on strategic advice for financing rounds, employee participation and growth. In the Venture Classroom, he teaches all legal and business issues related to setting up and growing companies in a rapidly growing environment with a venture case in mind.

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Financing rounds
100 K.
VC & M&A deals
300 %
Business valuation
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Legal Counsel
as a Service

Lawyers act "matter-specifically", management consultants are not allowed to give legal advice, tax consultants do not design and in-house counsel are too expensive.

Legal Counsel as a Service. As a founder, you need an advisor who is familiar with all aspects of your venture and who can also solve legal problems.

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Knowledge & Strategy

1. Setup

We develop the legally & fiscally appropriate setup. This varies depending on the business model, team and strategy.

2. Strategy

Afterwards we look at your "next steps" strategically and advise with a view to the future in order to expand plans on the basis of decision-making aids.

3. Company Building

We assist in setting the course for the appropriate investor search and build a VC case together.

4. legal Advice

In all matters relevant to start-ups, we will provide you with legal advice and negotiate and draw up contracts.

5. Network & Investments

As a sparring partner, we discuss your decisions and implement your "next steps" with the help of our network of advisors, lawyers and investors.

Founder Mentoring

The #1 online course to build your startup

Build your business quickly and securely. Get legal knowledge, experience and know-how without paying a lot of money for lawyers and consultants.

Learn everything you need to know and consider about starting, financing, growing and exiting your business in the mentoring session.

Whether you are a sole proprietor, founder, start-up or scale-up, each phase has its own chapter in the Venture Classroom, with many individual videos.

Choice of legal form & venture classroom, tax optimization & holding, company formation & hedging, vesting & employee participation, financing rounds & exit, and much more.

  • Choice of legal form
  • Tax Optimization & Holding
  • Company formation & hedging
  • Vesting & employee participation
  • Financing & Exit
  • and much more
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Venture Round Table

Become part of the community!

Once a month we exchange ideas in a live call and discuss a topic or a case. You can ask questions or just listen and benefit from the experience of others.

Thematically appropriate, a case is presented and discussed on the basis of tax, legal, entrepreneurial and factual circumstances, knowledge is expanded and experiences are exchanged.

Mutual networking, legal clinic and community all in one!

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Legal advice from Donhauser Law

  • excellent legal assessment
  • Strategy & Design
  • individual support
  • economic expertise
  • modern, digital & effective
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Founder Mentoring

  • individual support
  • up to 90 % cost savings
  • Online course
  • live calls
  • deductible and eligible
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Legal Counsel as a Service

  • external General Counsel
  • 30 % cost saving
  • Legal advice with vision
  • Flexible compensation models
  • designed for capital appreciation
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