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In addition to experience & expertise, clients appreciate the strategic approach, the individual support and our economic understanding.
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Legal design

Donhauser advises on all forms of legal structuring, in particular on contract negotiation and drafting for company formations, financings, acquisitions, asset transactions, holding structures and foundations.

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Through our interdisciplinary approach of corporate law and tax law and our transaction expertise, we will find the optimal structure for your deal.

We work together with a selected network of tax advisors and auditors. If special legal questions need to be clarified, we involve partner attorneys such as patent attorneys, medical attorneys, etc. and coordinate them for you.

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Donhauser advises and represents your interests in and out of court before all courts, in particular in labor law, commercial & corporate law disputes, as well as in cases of infringement of intellectual property rights.

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Since we deal with negotiation theory and psychology for court cases, this experience, in addition to the expertise in negotiations, flows into the process.

We work with a selected network of detectives and consultants. In order to determine the subtleties involved in your case, we start with a legal analysis and then we know what to look for. Thus, we provide you with fast and effective decision-making tools.

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Venture Capital,
Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise on all transactions related to financing rounds and the acquisition of equity stakes in companies, as well as on the acquisition or sale of a company. We have in-depth industry knowledge in the areas of tech, media, health care & life sciences.

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Through our interdisciplinary approach, which every consultant has, we negotiate your deal strategically and execute the design efficiently.

We undertake legal & financial due diligence, manage the transaction, prepare a risk assessment report and assist with purchase price allocation

Startups & Emerging Growth

With expertise in corporate law, tax law and employment law, Donhauser advises investors, founders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, managing directors and shareholders on transactions and all forms of legal structuring.

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Since we advise on company sales and investments, we know what is important for an exit. This expertise is the starting point for our start-up consulting.

Our value add is strategic and interdisciplinary consulting for start-ups, growth, financing rounds, employee ownership and exits.

Private Clients & Business Succession

In the Private Clients area, the focus is on providing comprehensive advice to high net worth individuals, in particular family entrepreneurs and their usually complex asset structures, and therefore combines the areas of corporate law, civil law and, above all, tax law in order to be able to efficiently record all individual needs and provide strategic advice.

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As we assist entrepreneurs right from the start, we always advise on pension provision and succession planning at each stage.

Our value add is strategic and interdisciplinary advice on investments, assets and the integration of companies.

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Legal advice from Donhauser Law

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