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Holistic consulting

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with special expertise in corporate law, employment law and tax law. We advise founders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, employees and employers as well as managing directors and shareholders.

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Since we advise on company sales and investments, we know what is important for an exit. This expertise is the starting point for our start-up consulting.

Our value add is strategic and interdisciplinary advice on investments, corporate acquisitions, financing rounds and employee ownership.

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Prevention instead of curation

"I solve legal problems before they arise, thus ensuring optimal growth and higher valuations! 

The legal system should be a support for you and secure growth instead of putting obstacles in your way. That's why, unlike many other consultants, I support by design. With a solution-oriented applied approach, combining relevant areas of law as well as my experience from top-level international law firms, I can provide you and your team with the advice you need to build your business."

Legal Counsel
as a Service

A legal counsel will help you to always make correct and error-free business decisions by providing information and advice, and can then implement them legally.

  • I
    Strategic legal advice with vision
  • II
    Management consulting with legal background
  • III
    Optimization and safeguarding of growth
  • IV
    Full scope of liability - like an external lawyer
  • V
    Advice like Inhouse Counsel
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Business law consulting with digital expertise.

We not only provide effective decision-making support, but actively help shape it. With a digital approach, we provide consulting throughout Germany in the following areas and industries:

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We do not deal with everything, but only with the essentials.

Our advantage and greatest asset is our focus on individual areas of law and their overlap.

Corporate Law, Labor Law & Tax Law

Company law Tax law Labor law

• Incorporation
• Partnership agreements
• Shareholder agreements (vesting, tag/drag along, etc.)
• Corporate actions
• Housekeeping

• Holding
• Venture Capital Financing
- Convertible Loans
- Bridge Financing
- Equity Financing
• Deal Structuring
• Share Transfers

• Structuring and optimization of income sources
• tax implications with regard to inheritance law, gift law, family law for start-ups and asset accumulation

• Employment law and liability law advice to managing directors - especially with regard to business decisions, rights and obligations

• Employee shareholdings such as
- Employee stock options (ESOP)
- Virtual stock options (VSOP)
• Managing director service contracts.

• Termination agreements
• Severance payments
• Bonuses

• Employer consulting & employee consulting
- Protection against dismissal
- Contracts
- Ongoing consulting
- Liability
- Special features
- Salary claims

Daniel Donhauser focuses on integrated corporate legal advice and is a specialist in corporate finance.

With an always strategic approach, he advises clients in complex transactions as well as company set-ups.

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Venture Classroom

Learn in the online video course everything you need to know about
The following topics are important to know and keep in mind when starting, financing, growing and exiting your business.

Whether you are a sole proprietor, founder, startup or scaleup, each phase has its own chapter in the Venture Classroom, with many individual videos.

  • Choice of legal form
  • Tax Optimization & Holding
  • Company formation & hedges
  • Vesting & employee participation
  • Financing & Exit
  • and much more
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